Wednesday, July 13, 2005

How to lead the bomb home group discussion!

The best home groups (small groups) are not necessarily led by an incredible bible study teacher but by a good listener who asks good questions. Listen in on a 10 minute training on leading small groups through asking questions.

There are basically two types of questions. The first kind are called "close ended" questions. There usually is only one answer to these kind of questions. (yes, no, God, Jesus, love, etc.). Once someone in the group has answered correctly, the questioned has closed.

The second kind is called "open ended" questions. These questions have many right answers and the answers are related to experiences, feelings, ideas, and thoughts. Everyone can answer and there is not necessarily a wrong answer. These kind of questions help get the group discussing how a particular truth can be applied to their lives.

Hopefully, young people across the city (country) could be raised up to lead powerful Bible studies that transform lives. Not everyone is necessarily a great teacher/lecturer. But anyone who is a good listener can lead a great discussion with well thought out questions.

With a Bible study the questions should lead members to DISCOVER TRUTH and DISCLOSE HOW TO APPLY that truth to their lives.

Download Leading a small group discussion mp3 for a 10 minute training on some examples and the importance of crafting good questions. (NIV).

Disclaimer... this is not intended to be professional... just a tool to help you learn to lead.
This track was created in garageband. (copyright 2005 by decrease, flower, and tiger productions)

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